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Environmental Policy

In Conference recognises the importance of taking care of the environment and are aware of the environmental impact of holding a large congress.  We are committed to running our conference with a real focus on reducing the impacts on the environment by working closely with both our clients and suppliers to ensure environmental friendly policies are in place every step of the way.
In order to achieve this we have put in place the following initiatives to reduce our environmental impact:

Working with our clients

  • We are committed to working together with our clients to minimise the environmental impact of their event by adopting best practices wherever possible.  During the early planning stages for all conferences we find it beneficial to meet with our clients to discuss all ‘green’ aspects and opportunities for that specific conference. 
  • We encourage conference calls whenever possible to help reduce our carbon footprint with the travel logistic for each committee member travelling to meetings.

Working with the Venues & Accommodation providers

  • We also discuss in detail environmental policies with each conference venue, to encourage eco-friendly practices in their daily operations and to learn best practices from each other.
  • Accommodation plays a significant part in the overall conference package and therefore an area which can contribute largely to how the conference affects the environment.  In Conference can provide clients with a list of hotels who are actively involved in green initiatives and promote an environmental “best practice”.

Printing / Recycling

  • We minimise waste using the 3R’s principles (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) as much as possible, this includes materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic cups & bottles, cans & tins, exhibition skips and general waste.  All office paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and printer ink are recycled.
  • Promotional methods and general event planning are focused on with the use new media and electronic technology in turn significantly cutting down on the amount of paper used; Increasingly websites are becoming the main communication channel with delegates and sponsors therefore often fewer brochures are needed, saving a considerable amount on printing and postage having a positive impact on the environment.  We also offer an electronic registration and confirmation, electronic abstract submission and conference advertisement using the web and/or email.


  • We put careful attention to food and beverage planning.  We encourage all conference venues to where possible, use locally-sourced ingredients, with an emphasis on seasonal and healthy dishes in additional to focus on the appropriate disposal of food waste, cardboard waste, cooking oil and liquid waste.


  • We source and purchase environmentally sensitive products and services locally, whenever possible.
  • All delegate bags are biodegradable.
  • We have created partnerships with other organisations that have demonstrated a commitment to preserving the environment.
  • We discuss in detail Environmental policies with all suppliers, to encourage eco-friendly practices in their daily operations.
  • It is our commitment to inform and involve our business partners and suppliers about issues relevant to developing an environmentally responsible culture.  Preference will be given to those products and services that have minimal or beneficial impact on the environment.


  • We fully encourage the use of shared transport for our staff, clients and delegates.
  • Where possible the conference accommodation offered is walking distance from the venue.


  • All staff are trained on the company's environmental policy as part of their induction programme.
  • 85% of staff either use public transport, cycle or participate in the company car share programme travelling to and from work.