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Exhibition & Sponsorship

A key element in the success of most meetings is the involvement of sponsors and exhibitors.  We believe that the focus should not just be on the financial importance of commercial partners, but also how the conference can help meet their marketing objectives.  This approach builds strong relationships and both the conference and its stakeholders achieve their goal.

Negotiating sponsorship and exhibition packages is one our key strengths and is a prime example of how our strategic approach to organising conferences brings many advantages.  We often come up with new ideas for sponsors to help them achieve their marketing objectives and, in turn, enhance the delegate experience.

We can design a comprehensive sponsorship/exhibition brochure which includes information on:

•           A marketing profile of the potential delegates, by discipline, country etc

•           The list of items available for sponsorship, e.g. delegate bags, tea/coffee breaks,  
              receptions/conference dinners, bursaries for delegates, speakers expenses etc

•           A clear description of the benefits to the sponsor

We are also aware of some of the sensitivities that can emerge when commercial involvement is introduced to a conference.  Of particular importance is the need to maintain the credibility of the scientific/academic programme content and avoid any conflict of interest from commercial partners.

In Conference take responsibility for the marketing, organisation and management of a conference exhibition.  Our specific responsibilities would include:

•           Space allocation and sales:  developing marketing plans, promotional leaflets and layout plans, identifying and
             contacting potential exhibitors, drawing up contractual obligations, including cancellation fees and health and 
            safety regulations

•           Exhibitor liaison and contractor arrangements: negotiating terms and conditions with sub-contractors such as
            shell scheme providers, cleaning and refuse removal and lighting and electrical services

•           Exhibition build-up, management and breakdown: informing exhibitors of build-up and breakdown
            arrangements, providing adequate security cover, liaising with Fire and Emergency Service authorities, providing
            staff to assist exhibitors during the build-up period and arranging for exhibitor/contractor vehicle access and

Here is what one of our platinum supporters said about working with us at the 7th European Zebrafish Meeting:

I’d like you to know that we have really received a great support from you and all the In Conference Staff during the recent Zebrafish Meeting. A real asset!

Everything went smooth, from the pre-organization phases to booth dismantling.

Thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to working with you again soon

Marco Brocca
TP Aquatic Solutions Market Manager, Aquatic Solutions